Technology Spotlight

NVP Energy module and container installed at 
Arrabawn Dairies, Co.  Galway, Ireland. 
500m3/day treatment capacity.

What is your technology?
NVP Energy is a low strength wastewater treatment solution that enables treatment and the generation of biogas at ambient effluent temperatures, as low as 40ºF (4ºC), a step change in anaerobic digestion technology. In addition, the system is small in footprint, with an off-site manufactured, modular design, ideally suited to applications in the food and drink industry, as well as for municipal treatment.

What are the benefits to implementing your technology?
Benefits of NVP Energy include:

  • Vastly reduced treatment costs in comparison to incumbent aerobic treatment methods. Low running and maintenance costs.
  • Up to 90% COD removal and 50% TSS removal.
  • Exceptionally high quality biogas generation (85% methane content).
  • Small footprint, off-site manufactured modular design allows flexibility in treatment capacity and easy expansion of existing plants.
  • Smart, remote monitored controls.

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?

The technology has been implemented at full-scale in meat processing and dairy processing  industries with treatment plants in development in the brewing, malting and distilling industries and in municipal treatment.

What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?
The technology has been proven at full-scale in multiple market sectors. The next steps in the advancement of the technology is to build out further reference sites in other food and drink and municipal markets to progress towards full market acceptance.

NVP Energy installed at ABP Food Group, Northern Ireland.

How has LIFT helped, or how can LIFT help?
LIFT has helped NVP Energy by giving a platform to demonstrate NVP Energy’s achievements to date. With further dissemination and exposure, the technology can be rolled-out with other first-adopters to become a globally accepted treatment method for low strength wastewater.

For more information, please see the NVP Energy page in LIFT Link:


Joe Shinkwin