Technology Spotlight

What is your technology?

TECTA-PDS (Pathogen Detection Systems) develops fully automated, microbiology systems for performing onsite regulatory compliance and operational testing for bacteria in drinking water, wastewater, and water treatment and distribution system samples. 

Our TECTA™ B16 (16-chamber unit) and TECTA™ B4 (four-chamber unit) are fully automated and provide results in two to 18 hours, depending on the level of contamination. Test types include E. coli, total coliform, fecal coliform, and enterococcus tests. 

With its integrated networking capabilities, the TECTA™ B16 and TECTA™ B4 provide immediate notification and early warning of positive sample results as soon as they occur. Results can be forwarded to any device including computers, tablets, and smart phones at various points within the testing process, including as soon as a contamination event is detected. 


What are the benefits to implementing your technology?
The TECTA™ B16 and TECTA™ B4 benefits include:

  • Faster results, allowing for the testing of samples at any time of the day
  • A variety of test types are available including: E. coli, total coliform, fecal coliform, and enterococcus tests
  • Test results are available in two to 18 hours, depending on the level of contamination
  • Test results are not affected by turbidity
  • No visual interpretation of tests required
  • Fully automated onsite microbiology testing
  • Continuous sample monitoring, coupled with automated sample interpretation
  • Networking capabilities allow for immediate notification and early warning of positive sample results as soon as they occur
  • Data automatically transmits through a network connection allowing for immediate notification on electronic devices
  • Single cell sensitivity for both E. coli and total coliform
  • Portable, field-ready units (TECTA™ B4)

Has the technology been tested, demonstrated, or implemented anywhere to date?

The technology has been tested, demonstrated, and implemented throughout the U.S. and the world. In the United States, we are currently being tested or implemented at the following sites: 

  • Las Vegas Valley Water District/ Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Maryland Department of Health
  • University of Miami
  • Fulton County, Georgia
  • Palm Beach Zoo
In Canada, we are currently being tested or implemented at the following sites:

  • Health Canada (First Nations Remote Sites)
  • McMaster University
What are some of the next steps needed to advance the technology?
Next steps for the company include: 

  1. Launch of the TECTA™ B4: We are launching our field-ready portable unit for lower volume test runs (< 4 tests per day). A limited number of units are currently available and we are seeking municipal clients who would like to implement the system for operational testing.
  2. Treatment Testing Program: For municipal clients curious about the effectiveness of each treatment step process in their treatment chain or that are looking for areas in the treatment chain to reduce and save costs, TECTA is providing a unique trial program. This includes one month of testing, four boxes of test cartridges, and unlimited technical support to see exactly how much time and money we can save them.  

How has LIFT helped, or how can LIFT help?

LIFT is providing us with opportunities to get our technology in front of various municipalities through WRF/LIFT events, technology review programs and marketing initiatives to run trials and implement our technology. LIFT is also providing various opportunities to access funding via RFP and grants to help support the implementation and adoption of our technology.

Quotes from Clients

  • “We can strategically place TECTA™ B16 units closer to the points of sampling to initiate quicker testing and deliver results to contractors substantially faster.”
    Willie Frehner, Sr. Microbiologist, Las Vegas Valley Water District

  • “We’re very proud to be the very first state lab fully certified to use the TECTA™ B16 and are excited that the investment will be so expandable.”
    Erinna Kinney, Public Health Lead Scientist, MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

  • “Keeping the citizens and environment of Fulton County safe and healthy is of paramount importance to us as public servants; therefore, it is essential that we be proactive and innovative by using the latest and greatest technology available for any potential water contamination threat.”
    Patrick Person, Water Quality Manager, Fulton County, GA


Teang Tang
Regional Sales Manager
Pathogen Detection Systems, Inc.