WERF and WEF Sign Agreement for LIFT 2.0

WERF and WEF convened a group of water industry thought leaders in Washington, D.C. in fall 2014 to build on the initial successes of LIFT and chart a course for the next phase of the program. The meeting resulted in a plan for LIFT 2.0 which lays out a path for accelerating, informing, promoting, and funding innovation; creating an innovation environment; and growing and connecting innovators. 

LIFT 2.0 activities will help foster “technology highways” between utilities, academics, consultants, and technology providers; prioritize high reward, multi-beneficial technologies; develop platforms and web applications to support innovation; facilitate and grow a national and international innovation ecosystem; mitigate and manage new technology risk; identify new regulatory and policy approaches to create the space for innovation; provide opportunities to see and visit new technologies in action; and provide numerous other opportunities and mechanisms for helping move innovation into practice. Through LIFT 2.0, WERF and WEF will engage their members and participants from all sectors of the industry in continuing a culture of innovation in the water industry. To signal their commitment to implement this plan, WERF and WEF entered into a memorandum of understanding with a formal signing in Chicago last month.