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Basic Principles (PDF, 42K)
Each BMP must be designed to address the specific regulatory and environmental conditions under which it will operate. With that in mind, there are a few basic principles that help tie these practices together.

Benefits of Green Development (PDF, 153K)
Stormwater BMPs impart added benefit to individual projects, surrounding communities, and the organizations responsible for their implementation.

BMPs from Start to Finish (PDF, 89K)
The decision to include sustainable stormwater practices affects every stage of project planning. A general guide for accommodating these practices can help streamline and ease project implementation.

Bring Your Ideas to the Community (PDF, 58K)
"Community" represents all stakeholder groups involved with or impacted by stormwater management. A focused strategy for communicating ideas can help ensure accurate transfer of information to a (hopefully) receptive audience.

Building Local Partnerships (PDF, 55K)
Projects involving the application of best management practices, especially those addressing multiple programmatic or organizational goals, benefit from the participation of other stakeholder groups. These partnerships, whether formal or fleeting, can foster support for the project and increase the pool of available resources.

Design Considerations (PDF, 65K)
Sustainable stormwater practices bring new challenges and decision points to project development. Let the goals and objectives of each project help determine the best approach to take.

Drivers and Motivating Factors (PDF, 51K)
One key to a successful communication strategy is an understanding of what may prompt a particular group or individual to change. This knowledge, coupled with the appropriate facts and figures, can eliminate obstacles or objectives before they can be presented as barriers to implementation.

Metrics and Measurement (PDF, 88K)
Establishing quantifiable goals provides a mechanism for determining whether objectives are met and provides data for future projects.

Models for Governance (PDF, 56K)
Where does stormwater management fit into your municipal structure and how can you integrate the efforts of different departments to work toward common goals? What should your program's focus be, and how can you secure funding for your program activities?

Myths and Misconceptions (PDF, 42K)
Even after extensive exposure to the concepts of sustainable stormwater management, you may still have lingering questions or concerns about the approach. Many of these concerns are shared by those who have come into contact with this new paradigm. With answers to these common questions and an understanding of some of the issues surrounding the shift to sustainable stormwater management, you can increase the likelihood of the success of your project.

Overcoming Obstacles (PDF, 52K)
Every project has its fair share of problems and setbacks. Learning how to deal with issues you encounter as you develop green infrastructure projects can help save time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

Reframing Water Resources: Planning and Practice (PDF, 57K)
The evolution from a more traditional view of water as a waste product to the more holistic idea of treating water as a resource required a corresponding shift in the approach to stormwater management and the concepts used when communicating these ideas to others.

Regulatory and Incentive Systems (PDF, 70K)
Should you encourage or require BMP implementation, or should you combine elements of both approaches? The pros and cons of different approaches are presented here, including a discussion of the types of project standards you can establish to meet minimum requirements but still allow for flexibility and innovation. This section also includes incentives that can be offered to developers as well as stumbling blocks you may encounter.

Successful Public Education Systems (PDF, 76K)
Public education about stormwater can take many forms. Successful implementation of a public education campaign can raise awareness and promote acceptance of sustainable stormwater practice.

The Language of Change (PDF, 51K)
As the ideas and drivers surrounding stormwater management change, so too do the words used to describe the concepts and practices involved.

What Makes a Project Successful? (PDF, 61K)
While there is no fail-safe formula for developing a successful project, taking into account environmental factors that affect your project and acting to encourage acceptance and meet goals and objectives will help ensure your project is successful.

When Does Green Infrastructure Make Sense? (PDF, 63K)
Finding ways to make direct comparisons between "sustainable" and "traditional" stormwater management practices facilitates planning and design. Identifying the ways BMPs can support project goals and requirements is a powerful tool for promoting their use and acceptance.

Using Rainwater to Grow Livable Communities (PPT, 317K)
What pitch would be complete without an accompanying PowerPoint presentation? This presentation outlines the basic principles of stormwater best management practices and how they can benefit any project. Use it as is or modify it to meet your needs. Please credit this website and suggest it as a resource for additional information.

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