Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this website designed for?
The primary audience for this website is the WERF subscribers. The goal, though, is to provide content that is appropriate for anyone interested or involved in stormwater management and development projects. Information targeted to specific stakeholder groups can be found in the "Who Are You?" section.

How was this website developed?
This website was designed as part of a collaborative effort between research staff, members of the expert panel, and WERF staff.

What does this website NOT cover?
The primary focus of this website is to facilitate the shift to stormwater BMP implementation by providing tools that help break down communication barriers and promote collaborative development practices. Specific information about particular BMPs is not covered in-depth. However, the "Resource Links" section contains several sites that address this topic.

Note: New content was added to the site in late 2009 to provide additional information about specific stormwater BMPs.

Curvilinear street alignment is one of the features of Seattle's 2nd Avenue Street Edge Alternatives project.

Where should I start?
Use the "Who Are You?" section to find information specific to particular stakeholder groups. The section labeled "Toolbox" includes links to topical information for the communication and planning of stormwater management projects, as well as basic principles and strategies for success. Look to the "Related Resources" section for links to a host of websites related to stormwater best management practices (Information Sources), potential funding sources (Funding Sources), and links to all downloadable material available on this site (Tools and Glossary).

What other research has been done in this area?
WERF has sponsored a number of projects related to stormwater. The stormwater program area focuses on five research areas, including:

    Program Management
    Source Identification
    Stormwater Controls (e.g., BMPs, LID)
    Receiving Water Effects

Are there plans to add additional features to this website?
Additional features will be added as funding becomes available.

I have additional information that might be appropriate for this site. How can I get it to you?
Suggestions for additional content, or comments on the existing site, can be sent to Jeff Moeller at Your feedback is appreciated!

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