Funding Sources

Incorporating stormwater BMPs into your project plan can open doors to additional, or new, sources of funding. Due to the diversity of disciplines involved with such projects, and the potential for state and federal support, there is a greater variety of funding sources to draw from to implement sustainable stormwater projects.

Look at your project from all angles. You may be able to fund your project through organizations not directly focused on stormwater management. These groups may be involved with:

Rain gardens can be designed to blend into existing landscaping when design restrictions or owner preferences dictate a conservative approach.
  • Infrastructure development
  • Landscaping
  • Community planning/development
  • Stormwater management
  • Smart growth
  • Private organizations
  • Innovation in your community
  • Educational resource
  • Parks and recreation

The following list represents a small sample of sites that list potential funding sources for stormwater management programs. Do not consider this an extensive, or even an appropriate list for your specific project. These links may only provide you with a starting point or open your eyes to new avenues to pursue. As you seek funding for a new or existing development or education project, look outside the typical channels and go after funding sources you may not have considered before.

An Internet Guide to Financing Stormwater Management
Developed by the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in cooperation with the Watershed Management Institute, Inc, this site is designed to help communities find ways to pay for stormwater management projects. Funding was provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water through Cooperative Agreement CX824413 with the Institute.

National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA)
NAFSMA offers a Guidance For Municipal Stormwater Funding (listed in the left navigation menu). This is a good general resource with information about funding stormwater management projects.

The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center (SMRC)
The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center is designed specifically for stormwater practitioners, local government officials and others that need technical assistance on stormwater management issues. Information on financing stormwater projects can be found by clicking the "Program Resources" link in the left navigation menu.

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