Communication Aids

Effective communication is a key factor in developing successful projects and for sharing the ideas and concepts surrounding sustainable stormwater practices. During implementation, frequent and open communication can eliminate obstacles before they appear and prevent misunderstandings. If your goal is to encourage implementation of green or sustainable stormwater practices, it is important to be able to articulate the benefits of these practices to clients, the public, or to public or private developers.

Educational signage offers opportunities for "living classrooms."
The trick is to communicate the right message to the right groups at the right time. These tools are designed to help you do just that. Use them for your own research or distribute them as part of your communication strategy.

As you move forward, remember that communication is not only about sharing information with others but a collaborative process where you must listen as well as talk. Heeding the advice and suggestions of other groups (or at least giving it due consideration) as you move forward with project implementation is critical for building buy-in and support for your ideas and projects.

Bring Your Ideas to the Community (PDF, 58K)
"Community" represents all stakeholder groups involved with or impacted by stormwater management. A focused strategy for communicating ideas can help ensure accurate transfer of information to a (hopefully) receptive audience.

Building Local Partnerships (PDF, 55K)
Projects involving the application of best management practices, especially those addressing multiple programmatic or organizational goals, benefit from the participation of other stakeholder groups. These partnerships, whether formal or fleeting, can foster support for the project and increase the pool of available resources.

Drivers and Motivating Factors (PDF, 51K)
One key to a successful communication strategy is an understanding of what may prompt a particular group or individual to change. This knowledge, coupled with the appropriate facts and figures, can eliminate obstacles or objectives before they become barriers to implementation.

Reframing Water Resources: Planning and Practice (PDF, 57K)
The evolution from a more traditional view of water as a waste product to the more holistic idea of treating water as a resource required a corresponding shift in the approach to stormwater management and the concepts used when communicating these ideas to others.

Using Rainwater to Grow Livable Communities (PPT, 317K)
What pitch would be complete without an accompanying PowerPoint presentation? This presentation outlines the basic principles of stormwater best management practices and how they can benefit any project. Use it as is or modify it to meet your needs. Please credit this web site and suggest it as a resource for additional information.

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