Frameworks for Success

Curb extensions offer multiple benefits: stormwater management, traffic calming, and neighborhood enhancement.
The variability in government structure, policies, and procedures from one municipality to the next and the different scope of operations from small towns to large cities complicates a "one size fits all" approach to stormwater management. A community needs to evaluate its resources and operational and policy constraints to identify the stormwater management model that will work best for them, or they can develop their own framework that incorporates aspects of a variety of successful approaches. The resources provided below describe different approaches communities can take to integrate sustainable stormwater solutions into their standard procedures for governance, development, maintenance, management, and education.

Models for Governance (PDF, 56K)
Where does stormwater management fit into your municipal structure and how can you integrate the efforts of different departments to work toward common goals? What should your program's focus be, and how can you secure funding for your program activities?

Commonly Used Policies and Programs
There are many types of policies and programs municipalities can implement to assist with the installation and adoption of a city-wide stormwater management plan. Many cities across the United States have been using these tactics and have seen success.

Regulatory and Incentive Systems (PDF, 70K)
Should you encourage or require BMP implementation, or should you combine elements of both approaches? The pros and cons of different approaches are presented here, including a discussion of the types of project standards you can establish to meet minimum requirements but still allow for flexibility and innovation. This section also includes incentives that can be offered to developers as well as stumbling blocks you may encounter.

Using Incentive Programs to Promote Stormwater BMPs
Learn how several cities in the United States have used incentive programs to promote stormwater BMPs.

Successful Public Education Systems (PDF, 76K)
This section includes a discussion of the benefits of public education systems and describes some of the components of successful systems. Other topics include developing a brand or image, getting the public directly involved with stormwater management, and reaching out to the community through school children.

Stormwater BMP Retrofit Policies
Municipalities faced with the challenge of retrofitting existing areas with new stormwater management solutions can implement policies to encourage the use of sustainable practices. Doing so can help save money and improve water quality and quantity.

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