Strategies for Success

A pathway leads pedestrians through the functional landscape at the Portland Convention Center, and flat stones provide visitors with safe access to view the rain garden up close.
The resources available on this web site have been designed for one purpose: to help you create a successful stormwater BMP project. While there is no one action you can take to guarantee success, there are steps and approaches that can increase the likelihood that your project will meet its goals and gain the acceptance of the community. The resources below explain how to define and measure success, and what you can do to overcome barriers to implementation and development.

What Makes a Project Successful? (PDF, 61K)
While there is no fail-safe formula for developing a successful project, taking into account environmental factors that affect your project and acting to encourage acceptance and meet goals and objectives will help ensure your project is successful.

Overcoming Obstacles (PDF, 52K)
Every project has its fair share of problems and setbacks. Learning how to deal with issues you may encounter as you develop green infrastructure projects can help save time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

Adopting Stormwater BMPs: Obstacles and Strategies
Many strategies can be used to overcome obstacles encountered during the development of stormwater BMP projects or programs. Learn some of those strategies here.

Creating a Successful Green Street Program
While green streets can bring many positive changes to local areas, there are still specific challenges to overcome. This page gives an overview of ways to encourage the success of such projects by clarifying known benefits and outlining strategies for success.

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