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Everyone brings a set of "tools" to the issue of stormwater management. These tools may include an understanding of local hydrology, community development plans, technical expertise on designing stormwater management systems, or the ability to modify or create local regulations. Each skill or resource contributes to your ability to encourage the use of stormwater best management practices in your area and a sustainable approach to stormwater management.

This section is designed to help build on your existing knowledge and add to the resources already in your possession. Use the resources and information presented here to strengthen your knowledge of BMPs and learn how you can bring these ideas to other groups and use them in your own projects.

Information and tools are divided into several sections:

Basic Principles
Find basic information about the principles and ideas related to stormwater best management practices along with answers to several common myths and misconceptions associated with these practices.

Strategies for Success
What is a successful project? What makes a project a success? What can you do to encourage the likelihood of success? These are some of the questions addressed in this section.

Frameworks for Success
Sustainable stormwater management is facilitated by a regulatory structure that supports the implementation of best practices and a holistic approach to water management. Learn some of the ways to make this a reality in your own community.

Communication Aids
Use the tools available here to help shape conversations about water management and the implementation of stormwater best management practices.

Planning and Development Aids
Look here for help with the challenges and requirements inherent in implementing best management practices in development projects.

Stormwater BMPs
Picking the right BMP is key to the success of any development project. Read up on different best management practices to find the one (or ones) that are right for you.

Still have questions? Check out the resource links section for a list of sites related to the topic of stormwater management. The Tools page includes all downloadable material available on this site.

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