Who Are You?

Every development project is a collaborative effort involving multiple stakeholder groups. Each group brings a suite of skills and interests to the table and has a particular perspective and set of values to contribute. The stakeholder pages are designed to provide each group with tools for effective BMP design and implementation. Resources are provided to aid in communication and development as well as links to case studies closely tied to specific groups. Take a look at the pages for other groups for an inside look at how others may approach the issue of stormwater management.


    A person or organization that has a legitimate interest in a project or entity. This person or organization will, or is likely to, be affected by the design, installation, or final execution of the installation

Which group do you belong to?

Elected Official:
This page is targeted to all individuals who hold a position within a legislative body. Members of this group are able to set policy and are typically known to the general public

Municipal Stormwater Manager:
Visit this page if you are associated with any stormwater management utility or are involved in any way with planning, development, or management of stormwater installations.

Visit this page if you are involved with the long term stormwater management and development plans for municipalities or coordinate stormwater management objectives with other programs.

Visit this page if you are responsible for the execution of projects that incorporate stormwater management techniques or are subject to stormwater management regulations.

This page targets all individuals associated with the design or construction of stormwater installations. Designers and engineers may be associated with either public or private entities and typically get involved with projects during the design and planning phases (as opposed to the conception phase).

Landscape Architect:
Visit this page to find links and resources targeted to landscape architects and anyone else involved with site design and planning. This professional group often plays a large role in the development of installations with stormwater management components.

Homeowner/General Public
Regardless of public affiliations, everyone can play a role in stormwater management as a homeowner or concerned citizen. Learn how you can make a difference in your own community.

Additional Perspective:
Don't fit into one of the other categories? Not sure where you fit in? Pursuing BMP implementation through alternative channels? Visit this page to find general resources on how to encourage BMP implementation.

Wherever you are starting from—the mayor's office, a local gardening club, the lower ranks of a stormwater utility office, the corner office of a prestigious engineering firm — you can act as a champion for stormwater best management practices. People from all groups and all walks of life can become "guiding lights," providing encouragement and a push for greater implementation of BMPs.

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