Low-maintenance landscaping reduces water and fertilizer inputs and lowers long-term costs.

Any municipal department or organization responsible for developing, rehabilitating, or purchasing land has an opportunity to get involved with stormwater management, not just the department charged with maintaining traditional stormwater infrastructure. These groups, operating independently or in partnership with the stormwater management department, can provide valuable support and direction to encourage the use of sustainable stormwater management practices. Goals of multiple departments can often be met with multi-functional installations or projects, such as open space and stormwater management goals. Options for involvement include:

  • Partnering with municipal stormwater managers to create multi-functional projects to address multiple programmatic goals
  • Contributing knowledge and expertise in related areas to support the development of stormwater management projects (i.e., watershed management, habitat restoration, community development)
  • Selectively employing engineers and designers who take a holistic approach to stormwater management and have experience implementing best management practices
  • Enlisting the support of stormwater managers when embarking on development projects
  • Finding creative ways to support the implementation of stormwater best management practices by pooling resources (staff, funding sources, equipment) with other departments to meet project needs

Next Steps

Take a look at some of the case studies to see how different groups interacted to implement projects in other areas. Think about how you might be able to bring such changes to your own projects. The toolbox page provides links to many resources to help you encourage the use of sustainable stormwater practices. Additional information can be found in the resource links section.

The following resources may be of particular interest:

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