Potable Reuse in the Mid-Atlantic: Drivers, Trends, and Success Stories Workshop
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Fairfax Water’s Frederick P. Griffith, Jr. Water Treatment Plant
9600 Ox Road
Lorton, Virginia 22079

This workshop informed attendees on the state of the science of potable reuse – particularly as it pertains to the mid-Atlantic region. This includes the unique regional and sub-regional drivers for water reuse in the mid-Atlantic in addition to the regulatory horizon. The workshop included presentations on treatment technologies, treatment system design and permitting, economics, operations, and achieving stakeholder support to overcome regulatory barriers and gain public trust. 

Agenda (PDF)


Potable Reuse in the Mid-Atlantic –
Drivers, Trends, and Success Stories

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sponsored by:
Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
Water Research Foundation
Fairfax Water
Frederick P. Griffith, Jr. Water Treatment Plant
9600 Ox Road, Lorton, Virginia 22079 
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Justin Mattingly

 Preliminary Program
 8:45 am

               Welcome and Workshop Overview  


9:00 am

  National Perspective on Potable Reuse –
Regulatory Barriers and Successes


  Ben Stanford
American Water 

9:30 am

  Experiences in Potable Reuse at the Upper Occoquan
Service Authority

  Bob Angelotti
Upper Occoquan Service Authority

10:00 am

  Hampton Roads Sanitation District’s Vision for Managed
Aquifer Recharge in Eastern Virginia: Sustainable Water
Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT)

  Charles Bott
Hampton Roads Sanitation District

10:30 am

  Networking Break

11:00 am

  The Role of Monitoring in Potable Reuse (PDF)

  Adil Godrej
Virginia Tech

11:30 am


  Critical Control Points and Operations in Potable Reuse
(WE&RF Projects 13-03, 13-13, and 15-05)

  Troy Walker
Hazen & Sawyer

12:00 noon

  Lunch (provided)

12:30 pm

  WE&RF's Advancing Potable Reuse Initiative (PDF)

  Julie Minton

12:40 pm

  Demonstrating Direct Potable Reuse in Florida using Ozone/Biofiltration and
other Non-RO Processes

  Eva Steinle-Darling and
Andy Salveson
Carollo Engineers

1:00 pm

  Demonstration of High Quality Drinking Water
Production Using Multi-Stage Ozone-Biological Filtration
(WE&RF Project 15-11)

  Denise Funk
Gwinnett County Department of
Water Resources 

1:30 pm

  Optimization of Biofiltration in Potable Reuse
Applications (WRF Projects 4555 and 4620)

  Chance Lauderdale


Preliminary Program Continued

2:00 pm

  Integrated Water Supply Planning and Economics (PDF)
To Meet Current Water Challenges - One Water Shifts How We
Manage Water Resources

  Justin Mattingly
Frank Blaha
Water Research Foundation

2:30 pm   Break      
3:00 pm

  Technology Applications in Potable Reuse (PDF)

  Keel Robinson

3:30 pm

  Characterization and Treatability of TOC from Potable
Reuse Processes Compared to Surface Water Supplies
(WE&RF Project 15-04)

  Larry Schimmoller

4:00 pm

  Panel Discussion:
The Path Forward for Potable Reuse in the East Coast

  • Upper Occoquan Service Authority
  • Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • Gwinnett County, GA
  • City of Baltimore
  • Valerie Rourke (Virginia DEQ)


  Ben Stanford (Moderator)
American Water

5:00 pm   Adjourn