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Title: Tool for Evaluating Resource Recovery (TERRY) – Nutrient Recovery from Agriculture (4898)




Christine Radke (x)
The Water Research Foundation


Wendell O. Khunjar, Ph.D.
Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.








The TERRY-Ag tool provides a high level, conceptual cost and energy estimation for nutrient recovery from agricultural wastes/sludges or from municipal sludges, as well as an estimate of the potential fertilizer production and revenue from recovery processes. The tool includes factsheets for the various technologies that are available for nutrient recovery. A series of five tutorial modules allows users to learn to use the TERRY-Ag tool with ease. The TERRY-Ag tool is designed to aid in decision making by providing a preliminary evaluation of the potential of nutrient recovery from a given wastestream and is intended as a first step for facilities interested in exploring the feasibility of recovering nitrogen and phosphorus onsite now or in the future. Published by WRF. Online PDF, training module, and Excel-based tool. (2018)


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