What Makes Water Reuse Projects Work? 

WERF is conducting a nationwide survey about the drivers, hindrances, and factors for continued success for water reuse projects. The survey is primarily directed at utilities (water , wastewater, or combined), whether or not they have experience with water reuse projects.

We want to hear from you, whether you are a:

  • A utility that already operates/participates in water reuse projects
  • A utility planning new water reuse projects, or expansions of water reuse projects
  • A utility that has not built water reuse projects
  • An industry member, academic, engineer, or citizen who wants to offer their opinions

Access the survey at this link: Survey Link

Survey open until April 26. (Extended)

You can preview the questions for the full survey here: Link to PDF (Note: This survey uses skip logic. Any individual respondent will see only about 25% of these questions.)
Most respondents finish this survey in less than 15 minutes. Even less for utilities who have not built a water reuse project!

This survey is part of WERF funded project on the ‘Economic Pathways and Partners for Water Reuse’, and will help give a current picture of the factors that encourage or discourage water reuse projects from being built across the US. Based on the survey results and other research, the project will develop analysis tools and guided planning exercises to help utilities evaluate whether water reuse projects will be feasible and viable, both economically and in the overall context of water management.