Advance Notice of RFPs

The Water Research Foundation is pleased to announce 6 new research projects funded under the California State Water Resources Control Board Grant. Please contact Kristan VandenHeuvel ( to learn more about participating as a utility volunteer. More information regarding the projects will be coming soon.

  • Guidelines for the Demonstration of Pathogen Log Removal Credits in Wastewater Treatment
  • Integrating Real-Time Collection System Monitoring Approaches into Enhanced Source Control Programs for Potable Reuse
  • Public Health Benefits and Challenges for Blending of Advanced Treated Water with Raw Water upstream of a Surface Water Treatment Plant in DPR
  • Applicability of the UV/Chlorine AOP: Assessment of Applicability, Operational issues, and Potential By-Products
  • Geochemical Considerations for Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Implementation in Potable Reuse
  • Standardizing Methods with QA/QC Standards for Investigating the Occurrence and Removal of ARB/ARGs in Wastewater and Advanced Treated Water