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Benefits of a WRF Subscription

The wastewater and stormwater industry spends a fraction of what other industries spend on research and development. WRF is the only organization in the United States that focuses specifically on producing the peer-reviewed science necessary to face the challenges that will define the future of water quality. As a subscriber, you will play a key role in addressing these challenges and have access to many other benefits.

• Free WRF Products — Subscribing agencies/organizations are entitled to one free copy of all final products (reports, software, online interactive tools), and have unlimited access to PDF versions of all final reports, workshop proceedings, and online communities of practice are available through WRF's website. 

• Complimentary Workshop and Seminar Registration — Subscribers receive complimentary registration for WRF workshops and seminars at WEFTEC, as well as other specialty meetings and web seminars held throughout the year.
• Input into WRF’s Research Agenda  — WRF research topics are identified by subscribers through a number of venues. Throughout the year, subscribers identify key challenges and strategies for effective and timely solutions.

• Test Site Participation — Subscribers are given priority to participate as test sites in all WRF-funded projects. This opportunity gives subscribers access to developing technologies and processes that may not be available to the public for several years.

• Targeted Collaborative Research (TCR) Opportunities — WRF's TCR program facilitates cooperation among subscribers and other organizations to initiate projects or expand research that is of specific interest to them. Subscribers can harness WE&RF’s effective cost leveraging ability through this program. 

• Exclusive Research Findings — Subscribers have access to our total research portfolio valued at $700 million. More timely information gives subscribers a competitive advantage.

• Networking — Subscribers can connect with other water quality professionals and receive full recognition as a supporter of WRF. WRF offers many community resources for subscribers such as technical discussion groups, list serves, seminars, and workshops.

• Credibility — WRF research enjoys high credibility within the industry and regulatory communities because of the inclusiveness and transparency of our research process. Our proven peer-review program, which involves thousands of hours of in-kind volunteer expertise, provides objective oversight for every research project.

• Leveraging — Rates of return produce nearly $4 in research for every subscriber dollar received, as a result of federal matching funds, other cooperative funding, and in-kind contributions. Nearly 90% of WRF’s annual budget supports water quality research. 

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