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Research Area: Decentralized Systems


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Our Objective

WRF will improve the capacity of public and private agencies to respond to the increasing complexities of, and expanding need for, [[Decentralized_Wastew|decentralized wastewater]] and stormwater systems, as part of an integrated water management approach. WRF will achieve this primarily through support of research and development projects that help communities, engineers, regulators, and others address critical knowledge and information gaps in decentralized systems.

Latest News

Request for Proposals for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems Project
The Water Research Foundation is seeking proposals for research entitled Development of a Design, Operations, and Regulations Guidance Manual and Training Materials for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems (#4909).
National Blue Ribbon Commission Releases Guidebook for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems
The NBRC released a set of tools and resources for developing and implementing regulations for onsite non-potable water systems that collect, treat, and reuse water within individual buildings or at the local scale.
WE&RF Reaffirms Commitment to Decentralized Systems with EPA and Industry Partners
On November 14, the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to installing and maintaining decentralized systems in collaboration with the EPA and eighteen other partners.
Registration is Open for the Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems Workshop
The workshop is held in partnership with the Water Research Foundation, US Water Alliance, California Water Environment Association, and the National Water Research Institute.
Department of Commerce Wastewater Business Development Mission to China
The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA), is organizing an Executive-led Wastewater Treatment Business Development Mission to China from June 11-17, 2017. This mission will promote U.S. exports to China by supporting U.S. companies in launching or increasing their business in the marketplace products and services relating to wastewater treatment, including industrial wastewater treatment.

Products & Tools

National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems - Project Fact Sheet
National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems advances best management practices to support the use of onsite non-potable water systems for individual buildings or at the local scale.
Report Reviews Quantitative Tools to Determine Wastewater Soil Treatment Unit Performance
The research (DEC1R06) summarizes available literature on best practices and tools for soil treatment unit (STU) design and performance. It describes STU performance based on data and information from the literature and discusses available modeling tools for constituent modeling.
Report Helps Aid in the Design and Management of Onsite Wastewater Systems
This research (No. 04DEC1) characterizes the composition of modern single residential source onsite raw wastewater and primary treated effluent to aid in the design and management of onsite wastewater systems.
Guidance Now Available for Establishing Successful Responsible Management Entities
New resources provide guidance for successfully establishing and running organizations that manage decentralized wastewater systems -- Responsible Management Entities.
Report Provides Guidance on Modeling Onsite Wastewater Systems
A WERF report gives planners and regulators guidance in developing and using models to evaluate watershed-scale water quality scenarios associated with decentralized or onsite wastewater systems. It includes resources for each step of the planning process, and explains modeling philosophy, model selection, model sensitivity analysis and calibration and other concepts.