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Research Area: Climate Change

Our Objective

WE&RF will evaluate the likely effects of climate change on wastewater services, and will assess processes and technologies to cost-effectively mitigate and adapt to the potential impacts.

Latest News

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Releases New Story Map on Atmospheric Rivers
This story map describes the efforts of NOAA Research to better understand atmospheric rivers, their impacts on communities, and provide essential information to forecast and prepare for these events. 
Online Tool Created to Assist Operators in Extreme Weather Scenarios
In order to better plan for the future, several of the largest water agencies and organizations, including WE&RF, collaborated with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to create a water resources dashboard.
EPA Tool Helps Communities Across the Country Prepare for Climate Change
The U.S. EPA has released an updated online climate change risk assessment tool that assists users in designing adaptation plans based on the types of threats confronting their communities.
Resiliency Newsletter
Learn more about the latest research updates, innovations, and opportunities to participate in WE&RF's Resiliency research.
U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit - Tips for Developing a Case Study
The Climate Resiliency Toolkit (CRT) is a great resource to learn about climate impacts and help build resiliency at your utility. Check out case studies to see what other utilities are doing.

Products & Tools

State of the Science and Issues Related to Heat Recovery from Wastewater (ENER10C13)
This research explores the feasibility of recovering thermal energy from sewage, and what the state of current technology is for doing so.
From Collection Systems to Tap: Resilience of Treatment Processes for Direct Potable Reuse (Reuse-14-13)
This project established resilience guidelines for DPR process trains from wastewater source through wastewater treatment and advanced water treatment.
Greenhouse Nitrogen Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Operations: Molecular Level through Whole Reactor Level Characterization – Phase II (U4R07b)
Provides insight into the mechanisms influencing N2O emissions and direction to ultimately create environmentally sustainable BNR operating strategies and configurations.
Evaluation of Performance and Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Plants Achieving Low Phosphorus Effluents (NUTR1R06v)
Evaluates how to balance WRRF operational performance and GHG emissions with the reliability of achieving low effluent TP concentrations.
Water/Wastewater Utilities and Extreme Climate and Weather Events: Case Studies on Community Response, Lessons Learned, Adaptation, and Planning Needs for the Future (CC7C11)
Discusses how water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities – and other local water resource managers – make decisions in response to recent extreme climate/weather events.