Research Area: Security & Emergency Response

Our Objective

WE&RF will assist the wastewater community in addressing a wide spectrum of security-related issues, including emergency response and contingency planning, chemical/biological/radioactive contamination events (accidental or purposeful), extreme weather events, cyber security of process control systems, and risk communications.

Latest News

EPA Tool Helps Communities Across the Country Prepare for Climate Change
The U.S. EPA has released an updated online climate change risk assessment tool that assists users in designing adaptation plans based on the types of threats confronting their communities.
National Preparedness Month - Water Utilities Taking Action to Build Resilience
Beginning in September, learn more about how your community can stay prepared for emergencies, organize response plans, and assess risks during National Preparedness Month.
The Weather & Hydrologic Forecasting for Water Utility Incident Preparedness and Response document
EPA has worked with NOAA and water sector representatives to create the Weather & Hydrologic Forecasting for Water Utility Incident Preparedness and Response document, which describes and provides links to all-hazards and event-specific resources that are instrumental for both maintaining seasonal awareness and monitoring active hazardous weather.
U.S. EPA Sponsors Free Access to WaterISAC Security Resources
Information on infrastructure protection strategies and all hazardous threats is vital to the security of wastewater utilities. Learn how you can gain free access to WaterISAC Pro's secure online library of security-related materials, as well as WERF's security research.
Decision Support System Could Help Prevent Plant Upsets
The results of two recently completed WERF research efforts provide operators with a decision support system (DSS) framework for developing site-specific systems that select and carry out corrective actions.

Products & Tools

From Collection Systems to Tap: Resilience of Treatment Processes for Direct Potable Reuse (Reuse-14-13)
This project established resilience guidelines for DPR process trains from wastewater source through wastewater treatment and advanced water treatment.
Water Quality Surveillance and Response System: New Products
A list of products currently under development to support the Water Quality Surveillance and Response System (SRS) program.
Water Quality Surveillance and Response System: Existing Products
A list of existing SRS products that can be downloaded from the Water Quality Surveillance and Response Website.
Preparing for Less-Common Water Contaminants
This informational flyer highlights WERF’s research efforts that are focused on contaminants that can result from extreme events.
Software to Prioritize Wastewater Asset Failure and Security Risks
Order this report about the software tool derived from this project.