Agricultural Reuse

In 2012, WRF began to partner with agricultural organizations to jointly understand the nutrient contributions of point and non-point sources and to provide peer-reviewed tools to minimize nutrient runoff into receiving waters. This effort has recently expanded into the areas of agricultural reuse, nutrient recovery and codigestion.

Below you will find the latest resources and research projects related to WRF's agricultural water reuse efforts.


Fact Sheets

  WRF Agricultural Sector Research Efforts

                     Assessing Potential Risks from Consuming
Fruits and Vegetables Irrigated with
Recycled Water


Research Reports

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Agricultural Use of Recycled Water: Impediments and Incentives

   Reuse-15-08 2019

White Paper on Groundwater Replenishment with Recycled Water on Agricultural Lands

   Reuse-16-03  2018

Evaluating Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Reuse for Agriculture
  Reuse-16-06 Contract Under Review 

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety rule: Opportunities and Impacts on Potential Water Reuse for Agricultural Irrigation

   Reuse-16-07 Contract Under Review
Agricultural Best Management Practices Database (AgBMPDB): Version 2.0 Data Summary
Agricultural Best Management Practices Database (AgBMPDB): Version 2.0 Data Summary

Recycled Water Use in Zoo and Wildlife Facility Settings

    Reuse-07-06  2013 
    Reuse-09-06  2011, 2012
Attenuation of PPCPs through Golf Courses Using Recycled Water

  Reuse-08-02   2010

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