Research Area: Water Reuse

Our Objective

WRF will collaboratively investigate and assess procedures to facilitate the sustainable and cost-effective use of reclaimed water.


Latest News

WRF Seeks Additional Proposals for Water Reuse Research
In August, The Water Research Foundation (WRF) released five RFPs for potable reuse research. WRF is requesting proposals for two more research projects for integrated water management strategies in water reuse.
WRF Seeks Proposals for Water Reuse Research Focused on Microbial and Process Performance
The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is requesting proposals for four research projects in the area of microbial and process performance.
WRF Releases Request for Proposal to Investigate Impact of Industrial Contaminants on Water Quality
The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is currently funding research through a grant from the State Water Resource Control Board in California to understand water quality after advanced water treatment and how these contaminants can be mitigated.
WRF Requesting Research Proposals on Antibiotic Resistance in Reuse and Wastewater Applications
The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is accepting proposals for Critical Evaluation and Assessment of Health and Environmental Risks from Antibiotic Resistance in Reuse and Wastewater Applications.
The Water Research Foundation Receives $4.5 Million Grant from State Water Board for Recycled Water Use and Reuse
WRF has initiated research on future and innovative recycled water uses other than irrigation, including highly refined drinking water, under two grants totaling $4.5 million recently awarded by the California State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board).

Products & Tools

Groundwater Replenishment with Recycled Water on Agricultural Lands in California (Reuse-16-03)
This white paper evaluates the potential issues, solutions, and opportunities for groundwater recharge with recycled water on agricultural lands (Ag-GWR-RW) in California.
Curriculum and Content for Potable Reuse Operator Training (Reuse-15-05)
This project features eight Powerpoint training modules that include information essential to the understanding of the unit treatment processes and other issues that are paramount to the safe operation of a potable reuse facility.
Multipurpose Reuse of Reclaimed Water at an Electric Utility and for Wetlands Rehydration in Florida (Reuse-15-12)
This research investigates the application of treated municipal wastewater for reuse applications in the power sector, specifically for cooling water and boiler application, and the potential for wetland rehydration purposes.
Demonstrating Redundancy and Monitoring to Achieve Reliable Potable Reuse (Reuse-14-12)
This report presents the results of a reliability analysis and challenge tests, and shows how a combination of redundancy, robustness, and resilience can ensure that direct potable reuse is protective of human health.
Multi-Mode Filtration System for Wastewater Recovery and Desalination (U5R15)
The goal of this project was to build and test a multi-mode water filter that uses electronic, magnetic, and membrane filtering as opposed to conventional filters.