Research Area: Water Reuse

Our Objective

WE&RF will collaboratively investigate and assess procedures to facilitate the sustainable and cost-effective use of reclaimed water.


Latest News

Overcoming Operations Challenges For Direct Potable Reuse
This article by WE&RF Research Manager Justin Mattingly discusses various projects that can help direct potable reuse and its practitioners reach full potential.
Recycled Water Project gets Permit to Inject Highly Treated Wastewater into Seaside Basin
Pure Water Monterey now has approval for the recycled water advanced treatment plan for purifying a variety of wastewater sources prior to pumping water into a seaside basin.
The Economic Case for Industrial Water Reuse
Research recently completed by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation will be featured in the Plenary Session of the 2017 Industrial and Commercial Water Reuse Conference in May of this year.
Do We Have the Technology for Potable Water Reuse?
With direct potable reuse (DPR) regulations on the horizon, this article from water. desalination + reuse explores the challenges of DPR technologies being implemented at facilities. WE&RF Research Manager Justin Mattingly discusses the use of reverse osmosis and how the industry has been utilizing this process.
Meet the Minds: Paula Kehoe on Pioneering Onsite Water Reuse in Cities
San Francisco is leading the way when it comes to the use of onsite, non-potable water systems that can take advantage of water sources such as stormwater, rainwater, and graywater.

Products & Tools

A Framework for the Successful Implementation of On-site Industrial Water Reuse (Reuse-14-04)
This report highlights common opportunities for water reuse and conservation in industrial facilities.
Monitoring for Reliability and Process Control of Potable Reuse (Reuse-11-01): Part 1 – Laboratory Evaluations
The goal of this research was to evaluate the ability of online sensors to ensure that advanced treatment of reclaimed water eliminates chemical and microbial contaminants. Part 1 of the Fact Sheet series focuses on laboratory evaluations.
Development of an Operation and Maintenance Plan and Training and Certification for Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) Systems (Reuse-13-13)
This report provides a comprehensive review of operational requirements in the consideration of a DPR facility and provides an operational framework that can be used to inform and support operational planning for future DPR, as well as IPR facilities.