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To address the concerns and questions from the water sector, many water and public health organizations have been seeking reliable and credible information on Ebola. While currently there is limited data on the fate and transport of Ebola in wastewater collection systems, developing protective precautions is prudent.

CDC Guidance on Ebola Handling Now Available
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Interim Guidance for Managers and Workers Handling Untreated Sewage from Individuals with Ebola in the United States provides recommendations for workers on the types of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used and proper hygiene for the safe handling of untreated sewage that may contain Ebola virus.

Stream Restoration RFP Now Open

WERF is currently accepting proposals for Stream Restoration as a Best Management Practice (BMP) RFP No. WERF1T13. The primary goal for this research effort is to develop a guidance document and consistent approach for regulatory agencies to use to assign pollutant reduction credits for stream restoration as a Best Management Practice (BMP).

WERF Research Featured at Kathmandu Conference on Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

Several WERF researchers, volunteers, and subscribers presented and participated in workshops and technical sessions at the IWA conference in Kathmandu, Nepal on October 26-30.

Watch WERF's 25th Anniversary Video
See how WERF has evolved over the past 25 years to become America's leading independent scientific research organization dedicated to wastewater and stormwater issues.