Scholarships Available for Utility Staff to Visit Other Utilities with Innovations of Interest

The exchange, supported by WE&RF, WEF, and NACWA, provides an effective way for utilities to learn about, gain confidence in, and adopt new technologies and approaches more quickly.

National Test Bed Facility Directory Released

Visit the site to learn more about the facilities in this easy-to-use web tool.

Expert Q&A with Jeff Moeller

The Director of Water Technologies at WE&RF discusses how the water quality industry is accelerating innovation in decentralized wastewater treatment.

New WE&RF Website Users
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WE&RF News & Highlights

WE&RF Requests Proposals to Establish Criteria for Nutrient Target-Setting

WE&RF is accepting proposals for a new research project, Establishing Methods for Numeric Nutrient Target-Setting, LINK3R16.

Agreement Announced to Jointly Improve Water Reliability and Resiliency

WE&RF has entered into a MOU with the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) to jointly pursue projects and initiatives that improve the reliability and resiliency of water resources, including stormwater, groundwater, and recycled water.