Technology Scan Reviewers Needed

We are currently seeking reviewers with expertise in the following areas: nutrient removal, primary treatment, biosolids conversion, filtration, energy production/efficiency, digestion, resource recovery, dewatering, and sensors. If interested, please contact Ravi George at

Shortcut Nitrogen Removal – Special Publication

The WEF/WERF/LIFT special publication Shortcut Nitrogen Removal – Nitrite Shunt and Deammonification is now available for pre-order.

New LIFT Steering Committee Members Appointed

In April, the WEF and WERF Boards approved a new Steering Committee for the LIFT program.

WERF News & Highlights

WERF is Now Accepting Pre-Proposals for the 2015 Unsolicited Research Program

Proposals in all relevant wastewater, stormwater, and water quality areas are welcome. Submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm EDT on Thursday, July 16, 2015.

Water Environment Research Foundation Advances Energy Research

WERF is launching three new studies that seek to advance energy research.

The Water Environment Research Foundation Awards New Contracts to Explore Innovative Processes

WERF has awarded three new contracts that explore innovative processes.